Are you ready to start your leadership journey?

Over the course of three modules, you will gain a deeper insight into your leadership style, grounded in current leadership theory. You will learn to overcome unique strategy challenges, develop your brand as a leader and discover and sythensize your strengths currency. We will explore limiting beliefs as well as how to cultivate your network before taking a deep dive into governance and the role of the board in different organisational structures. What are you waiting for?

Learner Profile

  • You have reached the office of manager, department Head, vice-president, or business unit director or have an equivalent level of responsibility.

  • Identified as a high-potential leader, you aspire to reach a board or senior leadership level role in the next 2-5 years.

  • You are at a point where the requirement to lead and influence people is becoming increasingly significant in determining your success.

What Our Learners Say:

Thank you for all your support and help, your leadership programme has been invaluable to me!

Very engaging and thought-provoking

Lots of really valuable insights that I can see being useful to take to my work within my organisation and for myself too!

I really value the reflection it has given me - so many things I haven't thought about

I have enjoyed my experience with the Executive Leadership Programme. It has allowed me to connect with leaders in a wide range of industries and learn from their experiences. It's a great initiative.

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